Together We Are One

I worked on this some more, and now I think it’s done. I can’t think of anything more to do to improve it. It’s still a little wild. Unless I reduce some of it’s areas. Make them more “quiet”, less is more, kind of. What say you?

My Garden

I am still working on this painting….it’s about a feeling I have about my past.
My Garden was full of weeds and straw. But I loved it that way and saw beauty in the flowers it produced. They were not roses or orchids or other such elegant flowers. My Garden produced strange, pale and minute delicate flowers that no one would ever notice. But I loved them. I want to protect my garden’s weeds from the big city. The big city represents a life that doesn’t understand my Garden.

Acrylic on canvas, 54x65

Acrylic on canvas, 54×65

Moving on to the next painting. I started with another large format because the last one was large and I’m in that mindset…this one is about protecting my children. I want to portray a closeness and protective feeling of a maternal shape but simultaneously letting go of the smaller shapes which represent the cluster in the middle…still working on color. Changing color is like changing the world. Is it a friendly world? A scary one?….I haven’t decided.

New at this

Gotta be honest, this is intimidating! I am supposed to ┬áspill my guts and don’t know where it’ll take me. Well here goes. Finished a painting and I THINK it’s done. A little stiff, not as fluid as I want it to look. Maybe I’ll go back I to it next week and loosen it up

Acrylic on canvas, 54x64"

Acrylic on canvas, 54×64″

some. Will see….it’s about a transition in my life. So it’s titled Transition.